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RCSSA Membership Card is a discount program co-operated by the RCSSA and many popular retailers in New Jersey, available for all Rutgers students. When you go to our partners’ stores and restaurants, you can show your RCSSA Membership Card and get special discounts.
*该卡片有效期至2017年8月30日,到期后享受续卡五折优惠 (This card is valid until 30th Aug 2017; the card holders can renew this card with 50% discount)




湘水山庄 Hunan Manor

消费满$50 (order more than $50)

1.现金消费 88 折 (15% off by cash)
2.信用卡消费 95 折(5% off by credit)


椰子林 COCO Asian Cuisine Restaurant

1.现金消费 9 折 (10% off by cash)
2.信用卡消费 9 折(10% off by credit)


签满园 Happy Eating Restaurant

消费满 $40 ,特价午餐除外  (order more than $50, except for the special lunch)

1.现金消费 85 折 (15% off by cash)
2.信用卡消费 9 折(10% off by credit)


青苹果 Green Apple Chinese Restaurant

1.现金消费 9 折 (10% off by cash)


味百年 Thumbsup Restaurant

消费满$50 (order more than $50)

1.现金消费 85 折(10% off by cash)


九寨沟 Sichuan Spring Restaurant

消费超过$80  (order more than $80)

1.现金 85 折+ 5%抵用券(5%vouchers and 15% discount by cash)

*实际折扣详询店员 Please ask waiters for the details


甜心饼屋 Tasty Bakery 

1.现金消费 9 折 (10% off by cash)
2.信用卡消费 9 折(10% off by credit)


阳光发廊 Sun bright salon

1.现金消费 9 折 (10% off by cash)


红葱头 Red onion restaurant

1.现金消费 9 折 (10% off by cash)


K-歌 The Karaoke

1.现金消费 85 折 (15% by cash)


谢姐面馆 Edison Noodle House

1.现金消费 9 折 (10% off by cash)


悦禾旅游 JoyTravel  (新)

1.学生机票优惠30美元 ($30 off for Flights tickets)

2.旅行团九五折(5% off for Group Travel Service)

(Promotional Code: RCASUCP ; RU负责人微信:JoyTravel-Vivian)